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Mind Your Business

I have been sick with the flu and in bed for 4 days now. There has been a lot of down time. And if you are someone who is use to being active and use to being busy, it’s like, really? You feel like there are things you should be doing or things that need to be getting done. I think there are times when God just says, “You know what? I need you to just sit down and rest a little while.”

And I think there are times when we are so busy doing and doing, but we are so busy doing God’s business, the things He is supposed to be doing, and not taking care of our business, His work, so we feel like things are not getting done because we are not doing. We need to stop being “control freaks” and let God do His work.

I can only imagine God looking at me saying, “Now, we both can’t be taking care of this. Now, if you are going to do it, I am taking my hands off of it. We both can't do this job.” That is what we need to be saying to God. We need to say, “Father, I take my hands off of that because this is your business.

I believe that if we take care of God’s business, then He will take care of ours. So, if we are taking care of God’s business, we are not going to be so busy taking care of our business because He is already taking care of it. But we have to trust Him to take care of it. We have to trust Him that the work will get done because His Word says it and we believe His Word is true.

So what He is saying is, “Get your hands off my stuff, Get out of my business, and mind your business. I got this.

Your business is working for the Lord. His business is taking care of your business. If you take care of God’s business, I guarantee you, He will take care of yours.

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