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Thanksgiving - Thankful Then and Thankful Now

Think back to a time in your life when it seemed like all hell was breaking loose. A time when it seemed like everything was falling apart. A time when you felt like you were in a very dark place.

During that time, thinking back, what one thing can you be thankful for?

In spite of those times think of today, being on the other side of that pain. What one thing can you be thankful for now?

If you take the two answers, you may feel they are quite different, but they are not. They are identical. Meaning, each answer teaches us not to complain, in spite of.

If your family has a tradition of going around the table on Thanksgiving Day and sharing one thing you are grateful for, I want to challenge you today. Treat everyday that way.

Find one thing every single day to be grateful for.

Then, when it is your time to share that one thing on Thanksgiving Day, you will be thankful now, because you were thankful then.

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