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2022: It's Time to Drop Anchor

Acts 27:20-32 Paul's, As a Prisnor, Voyage to Rome

Sometimes the greatest way that God is manifested is right in the middle of your storm. He is producing His purpose in your life.

As we take this journey with Paul, we all have been on this journey, but today, I want you to personally picture yourself in the middle of this storm.

Their goal is to find Paul guilty of something. That is our enemy’s job. He is the accuser of the brethren. They had to find something to make him guilty to “shut his mouth.”

Now Paul is on his way to Rome to stand trial before August Caesar. In route to the trial is Paul and those escorting him, as well as the ship’s crew were at sea. There is a total of 276 people on this ship.

God is calling you (in 2022) to function and operate in your gift. The enemy is banking the storm in your life being a distraction for you. He is hoping that so much is going on that you can’t hear what God is saying. He is hoping that the wind blowing in the storm has become your focus. That the rain and the turbulence is now what you’re thinking about.

Sometimes… the only Jesus people see….is YOU!

Yes, there are things that had to happen last year. There are some things that God allowed, because some storms had to happen because, it was the only thing that would make you move. He said you got too comfortable. You got too lazy. It’s time to drop anchor.

I allowed that rejection, I allowed that death, I allowed the divorce, I allowed that. I allowed that loan to be denied. I allowed it. Because I needed you to move.

He is saying to you and to me, “If we are going to get to the other side, as promised, if we going to get to the shore, I had to allow it, because there is no other way you would have moved.”

People are watching how you respond to your storms. Especially if you are one who proclaims Christ in your life all the time. They are watching to see if you complain about the ship, the people on the ship, the food, the way you're treated, what they're wearing, what the ship smells like, they are watching to hear your conversations.

But Paul was on his way to Rome to stand trial and be a witness for Christ. He was already disliked, already been talked about, even his own people are convinced he is guilty. But only because of what he stood for. People are not going to like the firm anchor that you have just dropped so be prepared….for that but don’t let that be your focus.

and he said, ‘Don’t be afraid, Paul, for you will surely stand trial before Caesar! What’s more, God in his goodness has granted safety to everyone sailing with you.’

That means, nobody will die on the boat because Paul is on the boat. They will all be saved because this situation is connected to Paul

Do you know that a lot of people are going to be blessed because they are connected to you? I have been out with people and just because I was with them, I got blessed.

In fact it just happened Wednesday night. I went out with a group of people, enjoying each other and having great fellowship and I was prepared to do my part and pay. We got up and headed toward the door, and I realized I didn’t pay, the response was, oh, we got you. I was blessed because of who I was connected to.

The three Hebrew boys refused to worship the image and were then thrown in the fiery furnace, they didn’t die because of who they were connected to.

Can the Lord depend on you to sail by faith when you are “square dab” in the middle of a storm? He can..lf you make use of the 4 anchors.

Can others depend on you? They can if you make use of the 4 anchors.

You are someone’s connection, just because of your presence.

2022, let’s drop anchor, it’s time.


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