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Listen for the Whisper

If you had to choose one word that would describe your 2020 that would help you to learn to do better in 2021, what would it be? Once you choose your word, explain why this word best fits you.

My word for 2020 is shhh (shush). Okay, so it's not a word but more like a response or a gesture that requires an action.

I looked back and hindsight is 20/20, no pun intended, but I found myself using way too many words. Call them unnecessary words or wasted words, but too many non the less.

Sometimes God has a way of telling you to just be quiet. This year, I must admit that I have been louder than usual and have probably missed the words that God was trying to tell me in His still quiet voice.

His whisper to me could not be heard over the loudness of my conversations. There were moments I could almost see Him placing His pointing finger over His mouth as He looked at me. And with embarrassment, I would then be quiet, but by then it was too late, more words slipped out. But grace took over, only to have the same thing happen again.

By the end of the year, I had to asked myself Why? Why was I so loud? Why didn’t I just shut my mouth and listen? Why couldn't I hear His whisper?

He simply graciously answered, It is not in "the Why?" It is in "the What?"

What will you learn in 2021 from this?

Whatever word you chose, you too have to answer the question What? What will we learn? I pray that we are quiet enough to hear Him and to listen for the whisper.


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