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When No One Else Is Around

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, dilemma, or a problem where you really needed somebody and the very ones who said they would be there, are no where around. The very ones you rely on cannot be reached. They normally answer your calls or at least call you back. They normally respond to your texts. But for some reason, they aren't anywhere to be found. You can usually count on them for a Rhema Word, for encouragement and inspiration, but for some reason, in the midst of your weakest moments, right when need them, they are no where around.

You begin to ask the question- why am I the only one going through this? Why am I the one who got the pink slip? Why am I the one who has to deal with this problem, issue, or circumstance? Why am I the one who got denied? Why an I the one going through hell and high water? Why am I facing the furnace?

Why? Because this trial has no one's name on it but YOURS! It's part of the course you must take.

Your friends did not call or answer their phones or text you because they are not part of you trial. This trial is uniquely yours. Whatever trial you're faced with, it's your fight.

You can stand and confidently say, "This is my issue and I've got to confront it.

You can't conquer, what you won't confront.

No, your friends were not present, but the most important person is.

Right in the middle of your furnace, right in the middle of your hell, God shows up. That's the One you really need. For this trial, He is all you need.

Sometimes you have to go through without somebody, to provide evidence for somebody. Sometimes your trial is preparing somebody else to come out of their trials. They will be able to look back at yours and endure theirs.

Daniel 3 provides us with all the evidence. Read the chapter in its entirety and use the three Hebrew Boy's evidence that you are not alone.

Don't worry about nobody else being around, Because God will be right there with you.


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