It's All in the Flavor

Everyone loves a good meal. You start with a nice cut of meat like steak. After tenderizing and seasoning it, you sear both sides. After cooking it just right, maybe some sauce on the side, you're ready to eat with knife and fork in hand. Oh, the taste that comes out of that nice, thick juicy steak! It's so satisfying because it's all in the Flavor. And Flavor is what you get from Opened Palms Ministry. There is just something about eating the Word of God that is so satisfying. David says "O Taste and see that the Lord is good" (Psalm 34:8). From seasoning to preparation, my excitement comes from delivering every delicious morsel of His Word. When something tastes this good you just can't ke

Get Out The Box

What is the opposite of bondage? It is freedom. Do you run away from conflict? Are you only comfortable with being around just those who agree with you? When we accepted Christ, according to Romans 8:2, the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and of death. But what seems to be an issue with some of us, we are free but we are still living in bondage. We have become so comfortable. The worse part of it is, we are not even aware of how bound we are. It has become a comfort zone for us. Christ did not set us free for us to be in bondage. Galatians 5:1 says, It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be entangled a

A Life of Love

We are all looking for love in one way or another. We were all created with a craving for love. God created it, and so it is good, when used properly. Eros- romantic kind of love. Phileo- a friendship kind of love. Storge- Committed kind of love. A family love. Agape- Mature, Sacrificial kind of love. Obviously, all these loves work together, but only agape love is free from error and our humanity. Agape is the glue that holds all the other loves together and gives us the wisdom and patience when all the others fail. First and foremost, Agape love is not predicated on a feeling but a fact. That means we are going to do a lot of things that we don’t feel like doing but because it is the right

Are You Stuck?

Have you ever started something with good intentions and right in the middle, you got stuck? Being stuck is not a good place to be. One Saturday evening, after eating, I came into the kitchen and empty the remaining food on my plate down the garbage disposal. I turned on my garbage disposal and it made a noise but did not turn. I turned it off and reached my hand down to see what was causing the problem. When I reached down far enough, I realized that there was a plastic measuring spoon stuck inside the disposal causing it not to turn. It was wedged in such a way, that it stopped the disposal from operating properly. I tried to get it out but it just would not budge.​ I went and got some pli

Taking Care of Business

Has anyone ever given you something to hold on to for them? Pet sitting? Furniture to store? Car to park? Has anyone ever trusted something in your care? Babysitting? Grandchildren? Several months ago, I made a trip to Charlotte, NC to a Book Readers/Authors Conference for four days. I was to fly out of Charlotte, NC to Nashville, TN, immediately following the Conference for a Photo Shoot. Since I drove to Charlotte, I now needed somewhere to leave my car. I had made arrangements to leave my car with a good friend who lives in Charlotte and was more than happy to store my car at her home. When I got to her house that night, what I experience from her was so encouraging. She had a garage whe

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