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Taking Care of Business

Has anyone ever given you something to hold on to for them? Pet sitting? Furniture to store? Car to park? Has anyone ever trusted something in your care? Babysitting? Grandchildren?

Several months ago, I made a trip to Charlotte, NC to a Book Readers/Authors Conference for four days.

I was to fly out of Charlotte, NC to Nashville, TN, immediately following the Conference for a Photo Shoot. Since I drove to Charlotte,

I now needed somewhere to leave my car. I had made arrangements to leave my car with a good friend who lives in Charlotte and was more than happy to store my car at her home. When I got to her house that night, what I experience from her was so encouraging.

She had a garage where she kept her car. She simply said to me without hesitation, “I will put your car in my garage until you get back and I’ll leave my car outside of the garage, since I will be driving my car to work every day. She took care of my car as if it was her own.

For most people, 2018 is the going to the year they become debt free. This is going to the be the year they are going to be more mindful of how they spend their money.

“Their money.” That is the issue. It has never been our money. It is God’s money. He has provided resources for us called income. He has named us stewards over His money. He has placed these resources in our hands and placed trust in us to take care of His resources until He returns. We are to take care is His money just like it was ours.

But we take care of it like it has always been ours. If this all belongs to Him, how many times do we go to Him and ask Him how to use it?

The definition of stewardship is one who manages and looks after the affairs of another.

If we look at all we have as being someone else’s, how differently will we manage it? Very different. Because we know, that at the end of the day, we have Him to answer to.

Whether you know it or not, we will have to answer to God about our stewardship. We are managing the income that He has given us.

What if my friend decided to sell my car while I was in Nashville TN? Bad choice. First, the car is not hers to sell. Second, she would need to ask the owner. She cannot do anything except the owner gives hers permission. Bottom line, we must make better choices when it comes to managing God’s property.

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