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It's All in the Flavor

Everyone loves a good meal. You start with a nice cut of meat like steak. After tenderizing and seasoning it, you sear both sides. After cooking it just right, maybe some sauce on the side, you're ready to eat with knife and fork in hand. Oh, the taste that comes out of that nice, thick juicy steak! It's so satisfying because it's all in the Flavor.

And Flavor is what you get from Opened Palms Ministry. There is just something about eating the Word of God that is so satisfying. David says "O Taste and see that the Lord is good" (Psalm 34:8). From seasoning to preparation, my excitement comes from delivering every delicious morsel of His Word. When something tastes this good you just can't keep it to yourself.

So, I take the Word of God, tenderized, seasoned, and seared, and share it with others; men and women, single and married.

For every message I preach, bible study I teach, workshop, conference, retreat, or whatever capacity for which He uses me, my passion is in the Flavor. It just tastes so good to me! I look forward to every single meal that He prepares for me to give.

He has called me to feed His people in a unique way, but to also partake: "He has called me to a great task that I have graciously accepted" (2 Tim. 2:6).

The meal is free, all that is required is that you take a seat.

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