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Are You Stuck?

Have you ever started something with good intentions and right in the middle, you got stuck? Being stuck is not a good place to be.

One Saturday evening, after eating, I came into the kitchen and empty the remaining food on my plate down the garbage disposal. I turned on my garbage disposal and it made a noise but did not turn. I turned it off and reached my hand down to see what was causing the problem. When I reached down far enough, I realized that there was a plastic measuring spoon stuck inside the disposal causing it not to turn. It was wedged in such a way, that it stopped the disposal from operating properly. I tried to get it out but it just would not budge.​

I went and got some pliers and that did not work. I then tried a screwdriver and that did not work. I finally told my family, “The garbage disposal is out of order. We will call someone to come and fix it Monday.”

Later on that day, I just couldn’t take it. I was determined that I was going to get that measuring spoon out. I reached down again, and I begin to loosen it up. Afterwards, I went over to the switch and turned it on and quickly turned it off. It worked for about .2 seconds. I reached down again and with more pulling and tugging, I was able to free it from the disposal.

The question is, what was the cause? Why did the measuring spoon become lodged in the garbage disposal? A mistake? Carelessness? Not paying attention? Whatever it was, the question is now, what do we need to do to keep it from happening again?

In our daily walk with the Lord, what is it that causes us to get stuck in a rut? What is it that keeps us from moving and living in that abundant life that God has told us to live in?

It will take exactly what it took for me to get that wedged measuring spoon out of the disposal.

Determination. We must make a conscious decision to walk in the freedom that God has called us to walk in, Galatians 5:1. When we get in those ruts, and we will, we must decide to do whatever it takes, by any means necessary. It may take pliers, a firm grip in his Word. It may take a screw driver, a turning, a pushing and pulling until we loosen up.

But at some point, we must realize that God has already set us free and we simply must make a decision to get out of that trap that the

devil intended for us to stay in, realize we have been freed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and walk in the freedom where we have already been called. Galatians 5:13

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