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Tell Him Thank You

What if cell phones died out?

What if laptops became non-existent?

What if iPads and Tablets were no more?

What if the internet ceased to exist and no WIFI?

What if your Bluetooth just stopped working?

Just, What if?

If you are still breathing, tell Him Thank you.

If you are still in your right mind, tell Him Thank you.

If you have a resource for income, tell Him Thank you.

If you ate anything today, Tell Him Thank you.

If you have been able to read this, tell Him Thank you.

We all have a list of things to thank Him for, but we have NOTHING to complain about.

We are blessed beyond measure to have ALL we need and some. Oh, how often we have taken Him for granted and not taken the time to say, “Thank you.”

Every single morning you are able to wake up, Every day you are on this side of death, these should be the first words out of your mouth, "Father, Thank you.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror and tell Him one more time, “Thank you.”

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