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Paid In Full

This is to all my Singles.

I remember when I purchased my first car from a dealership. They said that I was financing the car for 5 years. Well, every month I paid that bill. Then I remembered the last year, how anxious I was to pay this car off and be left without a car note. When I paid the last bill, I was so excited. The price of the car was Paid in Full. But the joy came when I received the title. It was confirmation that I owed nothing more. There was a financial freedom that I cannot explain. I knew that I was one bill less. I knew that meant a freedom to save more and pay off more bills.

Your body belongs to God. It does not belong to a man or a woman. You owe no one a night at a hotel. You owe no one a night in your bed or time in the back seat. You owe nothing. So, you went out to a five-star restaurant for dinner? That does not equal sex. So, you went to a late-night movie? That does not equal sex. Sex is too high of a price to pay. We are all worth more than a lobster dinner and a movie. We are worth His death, burial, and resurrection.

We were bought with a price, paid in full. Christ paid a price for us. That price was His precious blood. You cannot place an amount on the blood, which means that it is an impossibility for us to ever pay Him back. He loved us so much that He died on the cross, shed His precious blood, was buried, and was resurrected on the third day. We can never repay that debt.

The price He paid is more than enough for us to look at our bodies, hold our finger up, and say “No.” “No, my body will not master me.” “No, I belong to Christ.” “No, I am going to run in the opposite direction.” “No, my body is the temple.” Because of that, I am going to rejoice and glorify God in my body.

I no longer must do anything. I don’t have to pay another bill. He has paid it all for me, free of charge. That is enough right there to get excited about. Amen?

Write the words, “PAID IN FULL.” Post those words in an area in your house where you will see it every day. Perhaps in the bathroom on the mirror, in the kitchen, on the refrigerator, or on your computer screen. Every time you see those words, look at your body and remember the price that was paid.

"For you have been bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body. 1 Corinthians 6:20

Excerpt from my book "Passion Fruit"-Day 6, page 17

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