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The Glory in Broken Things

When we think of being broken, there seems to always be the connotation of something very negative. Something hurtful and painful. You see, no one wants to hurt, no one wants to go through anything. But everyone wants to be blessed. But you must be broken in order to be the servant that He is calling for.

Brokenness is the method God uses when dealing with the flesh because of the inward desire in us to act independently of God.

Glory is when God reveals a glimpse of who He is. “His Awesomeness on Display.” He is unwrapping a measure of His identity. Some of His nature, His holiness, His Power, and His loving kindness.

When a person is broken, God has bought that person’s will in submission to His will and God is able to live out thru that person. So, every time you think of brokenness, know that God is up to something good in your life. God will continue to remove every obstacle necessary for our complete surrender and full trust in Him, that we may be useful for the kingdom of God.

You are only as valuable to God as you are obedient to God. Some things cannot give God glory until they are broken.

The whole message of brokenness is summed up in 3 words. “God loves you.” God loves you enough not to allow you to live comfortable in disobedience and full of self.

Challenge: Crush a item up and place in a small bag. Let the broken pieces in that bag represent You. The things in You that God needs to break in your life, in spite of. As he is breaking you, know that He is up to something good. Put the bag in a place that you will look at every day. Every time you look at this bag, be reminded, God glories in your brokenness and you are God’s Glory on Display.

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